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What happens when you smoke after taking ecstasy
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The ecstasy will do nothing at all. Effexor is type of drug called "SNRI" -- which blocks ecstasy from working. Here's testimony from someone who successfully rolled .

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Can i smoke weed and drink alcohol while taking Azithromycin for . ? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090429152710AAMZ2rc I doubt weed could kill you .

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Answers for What happens when you smoke ecstasy-Many of the adulterants found in ecstasy tablets ARE active when smoked (this includes ketamine, amphetamine .

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I'm sure it's not going to make you feel to great for a while because you'll be coughing your head off for nothing. I wouldn't do it. You couldn't smoke it anyways .

Best Answer: Definitely not a bright idea - One is a stimulant, the other a depressant. You What happens when you smoke after taking ecstasy mix those two together and you're just asking for trouble. On average - it .

What happens if you smoke marijuana after taking two Benadryl? ChaCha Answer: If you take Benadryl and smoke marijuana, it could make.

What happens if you smoke marijuana and take ecstasy at the same time?

If you

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What happens when you put toothpaste on a cigarette and smoke it? ChaCha Answer: It does not actually make you trip as it's rumored t.

Blow This Joint. A collaborative effort of Cindy Hanna and the readers of her website. What happens when you smoke after taking ecstasy James paced the small confines of his cell. This can

What Happens When You Smoke Salvia?. Salvia divinorum, also known as Maria Pastora, Diviner's Sage and Sage of the Seers, is a

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